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Ragi puttu is a South Indian dish made from ragi flour (finger millet) mixed with grated coconut, salt, and water. The mixture is steamed to create a light and fluffy texture, resulting in a nutritious and wholesome breakfast or snack. Ragi puttu is known for its earthy flavor and is often served with coconut milk, banana, or sugar.

History: Ragi, or finger millet, has been cultivated in India for over 2000 years and is a staple in many South Indian cuisines. Historically, it has been valued for its resilience in diverse climates and its high nutritional content. Ragi puttu is a traditional dish that reflects the rich culinary heritage of South India, showcasing the versatility and nutritional benefits of ragi in a delightful culinary form.


1) Ragi flour (finger millet flour)

2) Grated coconut

3) Salt

4) Water


Ragi Puttu, a nutrient-dense South Indian delight, offers a wholesome profile per serving. Rich in calcium, iron, and fiber, ragi flour promotes bone health, prevents anemia, and aids digestion. A typical serving of Ragi Puttu (approximately 100g) provides around 150 calories, 5g of protein, 3g of fiber, and essential minerals. This gluten-free option with its low glycemic index is not only a delicious treat but also a nutritious choice for those seeking a balanced diet, making it an ideal inclusion for a well-rounded, health-conscious meal.Mix Ingredients: Combine Ragi flour, salt, and water in a bowl to form a crumbly texture.

Mix Ingredients: Combine Ragi flour, salt, and water in a bowl to form a crumbly texture.

Layer with Coconut: Alternate layers of the ragi mixture and grated coconut in a puttu maker or steamer.

Steam: Steam the layers until the puttu is cooked, usually for about 10-15 minutes.

Serve: Once done, gently loosen the layers with a fork and serve the Ragi Puttu warm. It pairs well with jaggery, banana, or any desired accompaniment. Enjoy: Indulge in this nutritious and gluten-free South Indian delicacy for a wholesome and delightful meal.