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Content: cholam
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Weight: 300 g
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Manufacturing Date: 2023-12-12
Type: Millet

Cholam puttu, also known as Jowar puttu or Sorghum steamed cake, is a traditional South Indian dish made by steaming coarsely ground sorghum flour mixed with grated coconut. It boasts a unique texture and is often served as a healthy breakfast or snack. Its English names include Sorghum steamed cake or Jowar puttu.

Historically, cholam puttu has roots in South Indian cuisine, with sorghum being a staple crop in the region. The dish has been a longstanding part of traditional meals, reflecting the rich agricultural heritage of the area.

1)Cholam  flour

2) Grated coconut

3) Salt

4) Water

Cholam Puttu, made with Sorghum Millet, offers nutritional benefits with approximately 339 calories, 72g of carbohydrates, 6.7g of protein, and 3.5g of fiber per 100 grams. Rich in essential nutrients like iron, calcium, and phosphorus, it promotes overall health. Choosing Cholam Puttu as a dietary option not only provides a wholesome source of energy but also contributes to potential savings, as Sorghum Millet is often more cost-effective compared to some other grains, making it an economical and nutritious choice per person.

To prepare Cholam Puttu using Sorghum Millet:

Mixing: Combine Sorghum Millet flour with a pinch of salt, and water as needed to create a crumbly texture.

Layering: Alternate layers of the millet mixture with grated coconut in a Puttu maker or cylindrical vessel.

Steaming: Steam the layers until cooked, typically 10-15 minutes. Serving: Once done, gently press out the steamed mixture, creating cylindrical shapes. Serve Cholam Puttu warm with accompaniments like coconut, jaggery, or curry for a wholesome and nutritious meal or snack. Adjust consistency and seasoning according to taste preference.